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Oeil vert Oeuf Vert (Green eye Green Egg)
arlequin (harlequin)
dunes & dromadaires (dunes & dromedaries)
air Azade
sur Impression (over printing)
en M'endormant (few second before fall asleep)
nu_e (nud_e)
angel Plane

sourire en Plume (smile in feather)
Bulles & paquerette (bubbles & daisy)
ondulation (undulation)
yeChat (eyes Cat)
autoportrait (self-portrait)
musée de Grenoble (museum of Grenoble)

Green eye / Green Egg;harlequin;dunes & dromedaries;air azade;over printing;few second before fall asleep;nud_e;angel plane

smile in feather;art Ray;bubbles and daisy;undulation;eyes Cat;self-portrait;computer Creatio;museum of Grenoble

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Do not worry !  Those cats that you see are vegetarians ! They love the caresses of mouse.

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