symbols of tragedy and comedy

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symbols of tragedy and comedy

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twinkling stars
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A collection of amazing and light musics, full of mysterious and charming sound images, 
it is to this musical journey that the great Jean Toba invites you !

And more, for your pleasure,

with a video

blue video

full of soft daydreams ... a stereo one ! 

On this site you will find,
 for yours shows, your videos, your choreographies, with a intergalactic exclusiveness,

melodious compositions, others with more rhythms into,
with traditional sonorities but also Ambient, Electro, Jazz, Trip-hop,
came from the depths of sound synthesis !

Hot colors, forms delightfully simple and sophisticated,
childish and visual environments, subtle notes, original tones,
who made the happiness of young as old… children from Beautiran to Vladivostok! !

the multimedia blog of jean toba

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Do not worry !  Those cats that you see are vegetarians ! They love the caresses of mouse.

twinkling stars
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