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  With your future donation.  04  april  2013

You will making me grow, and then you will grow with me, too.

By donating to me, your generosity
will grow.
By donating to me, you will make to grow up my responsibility.
The donation that you will do to me, will make increase the existence and the importance of this site. By donating to me, you will give me the desire for making more, for taking more care in the realization of my works. You will act to increase the number of my works.
Donator that you will be, you will act to give continuity to this site, to my present and future works.
A donation, i know what it is, i did some.
A donation is an important and responsible act. Donators, happy and big, they are to be.
donation returns to a clear and unambiguous ethic.
In the
donation, there is fraternity.
In the music, there is universality.
In their conjunction, there are beauty, and spirituality.
With you, i am and would be happy to create again and again.


Do not worry !  Those cats that you see are vegetarians ! They love the caresses of mouse.

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It is to contribute to the improvement of the site, it is to encourage the diffusion and the creation of a greater number of works.
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