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The discovery of Jamendo and it

members ...one clic and let's listen to music !

one clic and let's listen to music ! There are leitmotifs, gimmicks that persist in my head like those old tunes of Eddie Cochran, banana  in the wind,
basically rock'n'roll , even rockabilly so well done that I still have much pleasure in re-re-re-re - ... listen, decades later, while thinking of ways used before, by those guys ...
congratulations! gentlemen.

It deserved a tribute ... very personal!

The dream of a dancer with natural wilderness, on green background.
Often in this park where I walk, dusk and the silhouette of the dancer, shooting star, inspire me until the Prussian blue through to blue ultramarine.
(sample time  : 1 min 53 s - tota time : 6 min 57 s)

The cats that you see are vegetarians ! They love the caresses of mouse.

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