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the Tobaramas

twinkling stars
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I draw a little , but i use graphics software fonctionalities a lot.


need drawings to accompany and introduce my musical creations,

decorate my website or simply see the symbolic representation of an idea.
This way,  i return to the Homo erectus and its cave drawings. Incredible ! No ?

Sometimes, i make a picture driven by curiosity to see the materialization of an idea which i think worthy of interest …
In fact,

make pictures, i like it, it's very entertaining, very surprising sometimes,

as very disappointing also.

I see a parallel between the sound synthesis and computer graphics.
In the 2 cases, I use software to make concrete an idea successfully, or forget the idea of starting to achieve to something else,
another idea more exciting or even nothing at all, not exactly anyway.


I offer, a major philosophical thought, followed by 3 "Tobaramas" to watch !


twinkling stars
twinkling stars

"Who  searches … find …not always what he thought and it is … brilliantly play "

twinkling stars

 Jean Toba in his costume of Gascon Del Arte

Sets and covers

Slideshow created with original images

on music from 
the title "ah Ah aH Ah aH JeAn ToBa"  

Let's watch the slideshow The art and the material ...

The art and the material

Slideshow created with original textures generated with the software "texture processor"

on music from the title Aquafunk 

a sinusoidal form on yellow background

Textures in full form

Slideshow created with original textures generated with the software "texture processor"

on music from the title Andingroove


Do not worry !  Those cats that you see are vegetarians ! They love the caresses of mouse.

a lamp and a white cat a white cat in front his home a white cat under a musical note

The Tobaramas
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