symbols of tragedy and comedy

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symbols of tragedy and comedy
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First of all, I want to say “thank you” before saying “I thank again” and later “I thank again and again”.

I say thank you to all those men and women who make the "TV" program.

These programs which I get on my 16/9 format television; ¾ format, before; squareformat, tomorrow.
Thanks to these people with their productions “boring-genic”, I could relearn that there are treasures elsewhere than in front of my plasmic television screen; cathodic, before; moronoleptic, tomorrow.

Indeed, I had no regrets when I had to spend time to read, write, compose, imagine, have fun, laugh, ... sometimes to irritate me to realize what makes this site, today. I do not have to feel guilty to miss some programs, movies or games of "football reality".

Hardly believable, I concede you it, but what exciting, rewarding and funny moments I got!

And it's not over ..…I invite you, now, to listen, read and watch the amazing productions !

Between two seas, I sail and make stopover. At some welcoming sites, links are created.

I deliver some of them to you.


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Do not worry !  Those cats that you see are vegetarians ! They love the caresses of mouse.

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