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Do not worry !  Those cats that you see are vegetarians ! They love the caresses of mouse.
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The Tobaramas
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Fantastic : The origin of the smile of Mona Lisa finally revealed here!

OR my patchwork of photos over background of mambo.

  20  january  2015
the photo of Cyrano

What can link a picture of the Goncourt brothers, a painting of Ingres, an actor playing Cyrano of Bergerac, many other funny and amazing things like the enigmatic Mona Lisa smile if it is not my mambo. The proof here, in slide.

The signature of Jean Toba

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  The donation, it is to UP !

  27  march  2013

It is to grow up the donor and the recipient of the donation.
It is to grow up the generosity of the donor.
It is to grow up the responsibility of
the recipient.
Make a donation is to increase the existence and importance of this site. It is to recognize beyond words, the quality and the meaning of my productions.
Receiving a donation makes me to want to work more carefully. It is to increase the number of my works.
Donor, you are helping to perpetuate this site, my work and my present and future
accomplishments, in advance, thank you.
I appeal for donations as I do.
donation is an important and responsible act. Happy and great are the donors.
donation refers to a clear and unequivocal ethic.
In the
donation, there is brotherhood.
In music, there is universality.
In their conjunction, there are beauty, and spirituality.
With you and thanks to you, I am and i would be happy to create some, again and again.

Jean Toba's signature

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  " The why of the how to, tell us, please, Mr  Toba " or " In May, I write in my own way ! " .

  10 may 2011
The music of Jean Toba

the photo of jean toba's face

 is not that of the others… composers.

I push a door, open by  Mr  "stating the obvious".

I do not have the same goals, the same constraints, the same desires, the same formations or deformations that the composer Peter or the composer Jack or the composer Paul or even the Paula composer to be complete as much as the brown rice… which I adore.

Right out of my musical greenhouse,  i offer three musical dreams.

And I can proudly say "tastes of the ones are not to the liking of others".

I do not try to re-invent the wheel, i wish just, to make turn as well as possible, mine and it is as most authentic as possible, and if, it is a work of art, then "Well Done" !

I have a certain attraction to what I think being an
very "Eastern" design or very "Taoist" of what should be my creations, and this, on background of very Western culture, because it is mine, because of my birth in France, of my education, Judeo-Christian, all complemented of my taste, my fascination for the esotericism, with always and still, a point of humor to avoid the cerebral bloatings

My "base" is original. The more i cultivate it, the more my creations will carry this testimony.

The synthesis is not obvious but the more my conscience seizes it, and stronger, more concentrated, will be the obviousness, the demonstration.

I do not try to theorize, only to create, again and even more what i wish to hear and make hear, see and make see, read and make read to who will want well to hear, see and/or read.

I am looking for, by having fun,

and i hope making fun also, to show concretely the fusion of my own conscious and unconscious desires, and everything with the grace of God, little man on Earth that i am.

 I need breath, mystery, calm and voluptuousness but not luxury with due respect to Baudelaire or at least not of a material luxury. I need more a spiritual luxury, basically spiritual to live moments of real happiness.

Happy are those which can remain simple (based on the Gospels of Matthieu and Luc)

I wish to encourage the meditation without which no awakening is done.

For that, the calm until the silence, the rest until the most complete relaxation are necessary but not sufficient. It is my work, my talents, my faults, my insufficiencies, my ignorance and the grace of God which made that, sometimes, appeared, as clearly as in a diffuse way, all that i have just formulated previously.

That's how  i think,  and claim, to have an artistic approach.
In this approach, I do not imagine to make only BEAUTIFUL. That would be too much reducing and meaningless.

The sources of our awakening must be sought in all the universe visible and invisible, must be sought in all the in gestation or expressed universe.

The universe that i contemplate, that i observe, i feel, that inspires me, in his infinite size,  is not only BEAUTIFUL. Is complete, whole, infinite and fertile, immensely larger than me,

full with variations, full with oppositions, full with interpenetrations visible and invisible, palpable and impalpable alternatively, until on the edges… which i can reach, while sleeping as much as waked up on the Earth.
This Earth, planet where i live, small alive human being who i am, visible of my neighbors at the level of my street, but invisible of my "other neighbors" at the level of the universe.

Jean Toba's signature

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  Audio Songes and i am "musicer" .

    4 february 2011

From banks of the Garonne river to this web site, there is area  for dreams.

Dreams that i grow musically  as the "musicer"  that i am, of course.

Right out of my musical greenhouse,  i offer three musical dreams.

Listen to them well, without moderation, you will tell me, news.

this way to the dreams !

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 Stop here ! stop here ! stop here ! the Toramas are here !

14  ocober 2010

What is a Tobarama ?

Is multimedia. Ugh !

More precisely, it is a slideshow of original graphic works on original music by your prefered John Toba.

The images presented and titled so pleasant are issued from my work with the amazing graphics software like Texture processor, "We have to say that !".

Now up to you.

to the slideshow        to the slideshow        to the slideshow

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 How to identify good music ?

  16 may 2010

This means that we identified good music in the past , but to day we lost it of view or it dressed up, dressed up to play us better tricks, make believe us the unbelievable, make us take falsehood for truth, to fool us in a way ...

So how to see clearly behind all those masks, all this carnival !

Hmm, not easy!

An old Chinese flute player told me that good music is music that brings happiness even twenty years after the first listen !

Then courage and patience ! 
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 With Cyb'air i pass to wint'air time ;...

 4 december 2009

Or the story of a computer that meets a bicycle pump.
That deserves an explanation :

This album because it is an album, has a Genesis like all the masterpieces. It is obviously necessary to call a cat, a cat, or a masterpiece, a masterpiece !

This album is a compilation of 3 songs (tocToc, Berlin and RobotGym) that many fans (2 or 3) eagerly and loudly asked me for. And well, I heard them so loudly and so much eagerly that I resolutely decided to publish them.

Still it was necessary that I accompany this publication by a jacket worthy of the originality of the songs previously mentioned. And well that, I did it! And in what a manner! I let to you judge (only favorably, of course). Just look what follows . 

  cyb'air album cover

This "jpeg" ,i am very proud of it, really, yes. By itself it symbolizes the fantastic meeting between a computer and a bicycle pump ! So that bicycle pump "jpeg made", inside which the air is warmly compressed, and from where spout out in a fresh atmosphere, 3 music petals ...

"not bâââd" murmurs then, internally, the spectator informed and charmed, for example… or the better is to listen.
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 Once upon a time ...

 9 september 2009

Once upon a time was a small composer, small by the number of its compositions but tall by its desire to produce an original music which had produced a clip.

Its first clip! This clip has a story :

I produce music by myself and some of my compositions are audible on the Web. All that enabled me to exchange with with people curious, polite or simply eager to communicate with the author of the music that they liked or not.

From these exchanges, i kept a lot of satisfaction and desire to offer more to all those for whom music is much more than just a background noise of no importance……

I even understood that I will be able to made a video with the encouragements and the touching communication, sincere and sympathetic which I had with one for which to communicate is not always naturally simple, but for which the production of clips is a reality very present and major, even perhaps vital.  

This clip   a piece of the film of John Toba's video I dedicate to her…

I invite you to watch this clip, it is intended for all, young and old, large mammals, even marine ! (watch … listen … and maybe you ….)

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  The cape of “thousand friends”  ...

  24 march 2009

- The Cape of a thousand friends on Jamendo is gone, Captain !

- The sea was not too rough, the wind pushes us, let’s sail, my friend !

Like an " old captain ", writing on his logbook, I note these thoughts ….
Everything goes very fast, too fast, perhaps?
I would like to have more the feeling to live periods of peaceful sleep … but the curiosity, the desire will again keep me awake to new sound events, new readings which will stimulate my imagination … " and so turns the wheel ", Lao-Tseu said.
I am happy living at the time of a communication medium like the Internet and a web site like Jamendo where on the scale of the planet, I share my creations, my sound daydreams.
I don’t forget that I owe a lot to all those who worked for what the site Jamendo is today. I would like to pay homage to them. Thank for allowing me today to live these moments of happiness, sometimes shared! Well done to everybody!
Little reminder: not so long ago, there were very few resources, and they were only for a very small number of individuals. The Internet " revolution " has gone through there and a lot of " aristocrats " are losing their privileges ...

For better or for worse of creation, let us remember our freedom, our fraternity, our INTERNETity. I do not believe too much in the equality, my brother does not have the same size as me and not the same flow on his ADSL as me, and neither … nor … nor …

" LOVE, MEMORY and ETERNITY " is a good motto for the Gascon that I am, Great God! 

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  Artist Card  ...

  13 march 2009

I made a music card to all those who have agreed to receive me my music and me or me and my music. One way to leave a trace of my passage to possibly go to other musical meetings.
This music card I have designed from the laughter, my laughter.

Laughter is part of what I am and I do not choose to do something interesting and deprive myself to laugh. " The Laughter is salutary " said the Dalai Lama, Jesus, Zoroaster, Obelix and Asterix perhaps. Laughter, it is good not to keep to oneself but to share it everywhere and anywhere, and thus on Jamendo, of course, because one shares there already the music.

Is that I am a juggler. I juggle with the sounds, the silences, air, musical notes, words.
I wished to translate it on the image associated with the song. I chose my avatar surrounded by juggling balls of the juggler that I am and as I’m a little like a clown, I added a red nose and a hat of Augustus.
the clown of jean toba says ahAhahAhah...

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  My tastes, my colors.  ...

  21 february 2009

My tastes go from the man of Neandertal until Uranus while passing by Lorraine with my wood shoes… without forgetting Johnny Hallyday, Dalida, Beatles and groucho Marx.
Vast range to give ourself the air and breathe the richness of diversity.
You will easily understand in this case that I wish to compose out of the paths beaten and extremely well beaten without restricting me whatsoever in the use of that gives me the contemporary technology.
With new incredible tools, let us make or try to make musics quite as incredible without prejudice of discovered that we will make…
Let’s go on the way for new musical adventures, sound and humorous, Great God!

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  Jean Toba wishes you the welcome !  ...

  5 february 2009

A small step for jean Toba, a giant leap for mankind, houps may be not !
A tiny leap for mankind, a huge step for jean Toba, that’s a better formula !
come to entertain you at Jean Toba, author of sound daydreams
see you soon …

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Do not worry !  Those cats that you see are vegetarians ! They love the caresses of mouse.

a lamp and a white cat a white cat in front his home a white cat under a note

The Tobaramas
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