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twinkling stars   
At night, all the dreams are not gray !
(Jean de La Fontobaine)

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the avatar of Jean Toba  I just have updated

the website Jean Toba,

which brings to me to rethink the whole course, all the work done, to come to this stage which will be followed by many others ...

"Yesterday", I did

a work as a data processing specialist.

This profession I had chosen is already quite a few years when the only numerical and technological vision of the world was visible through televised series like “Cosmos trick” and “Star something” where I observed controls flashing with synthesized sounds in the background …

These sounds have always fascinated me and I thought that I will like me to realize some also.A that time, there was just beginning to make available to a large audience

the first analogical synthesizers

at prices who made them dream also … when I played bass with friends.

Now I have a home-studio

with which I produce “sound daydreams” that I present on the website Jean Toba.

This site, I conceived it like

a nod to the "Commedia dell 'Arte".

I wish that the listening of one of my multimedia creations cause at the listener the dream, the daydream, the meditation …

The other wish

which accompanied me in achieving this site, is that

I interest an artist, a director, a troop, a choreographer, … anyone who will find in one of my compositions a “stone” to add to his show, his creation.

This complementary step to my work as a data processing specialist, is an human adventure in which I propose my competences without selling off them. Who would like to sell off what makes hot in the heart ? Great God ! Not a gascon, great God !

Exceed an approximate result,

this was my goal. This work was hard, technology and the tools used were expensive, my consequent efforts. My God, reduce costs, would be well !

Finally even beyond our beautiful Gascony,

intellectual property and copyrights are respected as much as very good Armagnac liquors. Gosh,

it is worthwhile

to study carefully the proposals which will be made to me !

twinkling stars

Do not worry !  Those cats that you see are vegetarians ! They love the caresses of mouse.

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